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I wanted to make a simple synth that produced nice bass sounds. Gijs Gieskes fan synth project shows a simple circuit to make an oscillator based on a fan. Gijs has done some interesting original stuff so check his site out.

The oscillator would generate analogue frequencies down to the limit of human hearing. It also has some very nice distortion threshold conditions.

The on/off switching you hear in the second clip is me turning on and off a lamp above the photocell - the lamp acts like a distortion pedal.

Fan audio test 1  by  vdu23

Fan synth test with lamp switching  by  vdu23

This is what it physically looks like - see Gijs site for the schematic diagram (the section on the right).

That's not quite true, the fan itself is connected to a 10K pot to control it's speed.

The next step is the build this into a half-way decent instrument and perhaps add a light sequencer to allow you to chop up the sound.

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