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The text reads:

"The Rhinesdale masterstroke... two new tastes in white wine from New Zealand's newest winery."

"A Masterstroke! That's how I'd describe these first two wines from Rhinesdale.

The Linden White is a delightful new wine style. Light white wines have proved so popular in Europe, America and Australia. Here is one which is refreshingly light and has real character and quality.

The Muller Thurgau is brilliant. A strong but delecate wine made in the excellent German style.

I know that whatever the occasion, you'll enjoy the distinctive taste of these fine wines."

Peter Sinclair

Caption: John Baruzzi, Chief Wine Maker: "Amoung the finest wines available of this type."

Rhinesdale Winery

Vinted & bottled by Penfolds Wines (N.Z.) Limited.

Source: INFO: Information, Ideas and Hints for New Zealanders in their 20s and 30s. First Edition. Published by Burnham House Publishing Limited. 1982/1983.

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